Blue is a recurring presence in the images, words, and other vessels of my body The Same Impossible. Blue for the dispersed light in water and sky, for Rebecca Solnit’s The Blue of Distance, Maggie Nelson’s Bluets, Hanah Gadsby’s affirmation of it as having the “flexibility to accommodate contradiction”, for Valspar paint swatches named Inhale and Sigh, for the cover of a pamphlet called Gone from My Sight that is very precious to me. Yellow is a foil to blue. It envelops in warmth. It seems to be concentrated presence, sometimes blindingly so, in the face of blue’s penchant to diffuse. If blue invites atemporal floating, yellow says “be here now,” whether a beacon or a warning.

This picture was made while Kristen washing wool in her kitchen. It is a patient process, and one she was learning as newly as the balance between preservation and adaptation following a profound loss.

  "What's Lost and Been Let In"  archival pigment print  24x29"   2017

"What's Lost and Been Let In" archival pigment print  24x29"   2017