Light Insight

Light Insight


There's always light at the end of the tunnel, so people say. 

For many people, metaphorically speaking that light could be a train. 

I wish they had known that It’s OK to not be OK. 


Another young life lost. 

Family and friends can’t fully understand why, as hard as we try, not knowing that that would be the final goodbye. 

Not getting the chance to say the sweet words we don’t say. 

Wishing we could have done something to help our beloved stay.


We feel mixed emotions, speak words, have thoughts of anger, sadness, selfishness, loss and overall bravery. 

These men are at peace now without their self torture and slavery. 

To live everyday with a huge-pretend smile upon their face, the funniest of people who would have known? Can be a suicide case. 


Now you’re the brightest of lights in the night’s sky. 

You were always and always will be somebody’s light!

You’ve reached the end of the tunnel so good night and sleep tight.


You are never alone, make suicide preventable.