Honeymoon Insomnia


Summer 2018 has been the hottest on record in the UK since 1976.

We don’t really know what to do with ourselves.

6 in the morning
Your blinds are too white
The morning’s light slips in
Stripes on your wardrobe door
And shadows my skin

I've not slept much
Since I started sleeping with you
It costs me my 8 hours
To fitfully dream
In this bed of 2


The whirring of the fan

Doesn’t quite mask the sirens, shouting or street party outside
In your noisy, too hot summer room


Melting together

I soak it in
Wouldn’t change a thing

Kicking off thin sheets, sipping water
I'm exhausted
But this honeymoon insomnia
Is too sweet to miss

SE5 feels like Dubai

Concrete trapping the heat
Or a plaza in Valencia

With the café terrace chatter

Carpe diem, feeling sticky

Forgetting the factor 50
Fuelled by ice cream, beer, and barbecue.
Mouth dehydrated

Bask in the glow of it

Until you get burned

We are a London summertime
A heatwave that either never lasts

(as long as we'd like it to)
Or overstays its welcome
The headlines scream

‘it's too much we can't cope!’
It's inescapable and we clumsily are inept
At coping with these beads of sweat

I don’t need a ticket to the tropics

Or mediterranean coast

This summer holiday is a 30 minute walk away