Wild & Red


"Here lived those wild and red in pointed tooth and curled claw"

- Benjamin Myers, The Gallows Pole


Growing up surrounded by the desolate beauty of the Yorkshire landscape, Byrony Good developed her work to explore the romanticised nostalgia and uncanny brutality landscapes can evoke.

Good's photography explores photographic language and process, often referencing nostalgia towards photographic practice itself. Experimental processes and innovative mixed media are integral to her work often produce eerie visual effects. 

Wild & Red is a collection photographs from the moorland across the Pennines, shot on colour film and printed in the darkroom to create the red toned images. Good's aim was to explore the almost alien landscapes of the rural north, the overwhelming sublime that is so often spoke of in photographic landscape theory. Red is a primal colour, Good was naturally drawn to create her red Mars-like scenes hoping to reflect its deep humanity. Blood and love, beauty and horror. Later Good found this quote in Benjamin Myer's book The Gallows Pole in a passage describing his characters and their ingrained life in the land, the pathetic fallacy working to show the grit and passion of both land and people. 

Good continues to work photographing landscapes around the world. She currently working on a collection from the USA and Canada looking further into the uncanny fictions landscapes can suggest.