La Guiri

La Guiri


The natural transformation from child to adult

wasn't as easy for me as it seems,

it happened to me so quickly at only the age of sixteen.


Before that I experienced things that no child ever should,

yes I would definitely go back in time and change things,

if only I could!


Doing a course not knowing if it was the right choice,

ran away from home because I felt I had no voice.


Working a part time job in a fast food chain,

paying rent with the little money I gained,

coming home late, stinking of grease

no food ever to be found in the fridge for me to feast.


Living in an unhealthy abusive relationship, joined at the hip,

even when things ended I was stuck there,

as it was the only place for me to kip.


Pushing bad memories to the back of my head,

I went to the only university that accepted me instead.  


Where I was was a dead end.

"Society wanted me to come" I would pretend

with all the other girls I lived with,

(I'm like you!) I persisted.


At the end of the three year degree, my relationships grew strong.

I would forget the past and try and forget all the wrong.


But, where would I go from here?

The teaching course I wanted to do—I couldn't.

My eyes starting to tear,

I don't have the A to Cs from back when I was a sixteen,

why accept me in the first place if I couldn't proceed?!


Working long days in a restaurant,

penguin walking with swollen feet,

living in a different cultured staff house,

sharing a room, earning my keep.


I saw a job advertisement to teach abroad online

and thanks to Groupon I bought the missing qualification to apply.


Two weeks later I did it, I got the job!

I blagged my way and moved far, far away!


Now when I hear my students complain:

"Look at my finger..I'm in pain!"

"She's stolen my purple crayon"

My eyebrows raise,

I wish they were my biggest problems these days.


The changes during normal development weren't as easy for me as it seems,

I went from child to adult at only the age of sixteen