Making the Imaginary Real

Making the Imaginary Real

TSKC interviews Turkish painter Bengisu Sugür!


I love your name. What does it mean?

Thanks, it means immortality water.

When did you first begin creating?

I started creating when I was four.

Was there anything you found difficult when you first began?

When I first started, because I was so young, I only wanted to reflect my imaginary world to paper. But when I grew older, my paintings became my journal, this made it harder because they started to become real.

Your paintings are quite sensual and dreamlike. Do you think you could create these feelings in any other medium?

Although I tried different mediums, painting is the one that I feel most comfortable in. I may try to combine painting with literature in the future.

What’s your process? How do you go from beginning to end?

I don't have any preparation. When I stand by the canvas, I put on whatever I feel and the composition takes shape spontaneously.

Where do you create and under what conditions?

I don't have a studio right now. I turned a part of my home into a studio. I work there and I work at nights, generally.

There is a wonderful mix of humanity and nature in your work. What in nature inspires you most?

Nature and humanity are art in their own ways, it’s impossible not to get inspired from what we see everyday. I generally get inspired by them and portray them through a persona. In most of my works the persona is a blonde girl, which in a sense, reflects me actually.

What do you think of natural instincts?

I think they are inevitable. It's up to you how you deal with them.

Do you follow your own natural instincts?

Yes, why not? Eventually, the creative process is driven through natural instincts.

Where can we see more of your work?

You can follow my Instagram @bengisugurart.