I Might Be Crazy (Like You)

I Might Be Crazy (Like You)

I might be crazy (like you) 


you’re worried, I’m worried.

We all worry too much.

Pain passed down, brutality in every corner of our past.

Reality doesn’t count for anything, only survival matters.

how were we doing?

Smile, an eye roll to the throat. me.

Shout, a box of bottles to the ground. you. 

Hollering down hallways. us.  

we were doing okay.

Now: we are fine. 

Now: we talk with tongues glued down.

Now: It is hard for our hearts to touch, we walk slowly.

Now: yes, I know we are the same. Don’t say it again. 

We want the same things now, but anyone put through isolation must thaw.



Written By Sarah McCrorey

Illustrated By Sarah McCrorey