(Greek) Babe Alert

TSKC interviews Hannah Mabry!


When did you first start drawing the badass babes that seem so quintessential to your work?

Upon graduating, I took a couple months off from reality to experience a cross country road trip with my best friend. When I returned home I was spending most nights watching Mink Coats play house shows, so to help get the word out that my adorable boo was playing drummies all night, I started making super gnarly gig posters. The girls got more and more colorful, naked and powerful until I arrived at the work I am creating now.


Are there any real-life babes that inspire your work?

I love a strong woman! Any girl who is willing to walk out on the streets and let her personality scream out loud deserves respect. I love the colorfulness of Iris Apfel, boldness of Marina Abramovic, the exploration of Cindy Sherman, the passion of Frida Khalo, and the creativity of Peggy Noland. In reality though, I draw most of my inspiration from the women I hold near and dear to me that drive me to discover the beauty in myself everyday- Felicia, Daniella, Lauren, Rachel and Julia. You are the real MVPs.



You keep yourself pretty busy it seems, what is your favorite thing about creating?

Creating work has always been an outlet for me to express myself and make friends so I never felt alone. I struggled a lot growing up with learning how to love my body and not worry that I wasn't as symmetrical or thin as all the other girls in school. This mentality weighed heavily on my childhood and created a sense of self hate that was detrimental to my health and happiness. That's where my current work comes in. I want everyone that sees my work to feel empowered and unstoppable. I want young girls and boys to feel like they can accomplish all their dreams and do the impossible, while staying true to themselves. I think it's important for us to see different body types than what is portrayed in media outlets. I want you to see curvy bodies with skin rolls, scars and hairy pubes so people realize that we are all human and we have to learn to be kind to ourselves and others. No matter what size, color or gender you do or don't identify with, I want you to all feel an incredible amount of love. My girls are symbols for a new future of equality and acceptance for all.

What has inspired your latest body of work involving the greek vases?

I have loved Greek mythology since I was a little girl. I remember reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton in the fourth grade, so I've always been enthralled by the imaginative stories and thematically strong women. There's something so powerful about mythological women, as they hold respect and are worshipped for their strength and wisdom.

What is something you tell yourself when you wake up in the morning?

There's not really a set thing I tell myself in the mornings, but I do always look at my naked body in a full length mirror and give myself a little love. A pinch here, a squeeze there- it goes a long way. It's important to be positive to your body, being happy keeps you healthy.


What’s your favourite myth?

Ugh! My favorite myth so far is the story of the Amazonians. A gang of killer women who refuse to have husbands and cut off one of their own breasts in order to shoot a bow and arrow more accurately. I mean, COME ON! What a bunch of babes! Cutie patootie no breast-arootie!

Do you feel like myths are important? If so, why?

I truly believe myths are quintessential to the work I create. There is something so captivating about a strong women lead character with powers unknown to man and calves the size of a male ego. Mythology always kept my head in the clouds and taught me that there is no such thing as "no" in your imagination.  

Where can we see more of your work?
At the moment I'm working on some large scale paintings, and trying to get a massive body of work together that I'm proud of for my first solo show! Also, I've been secretly working on a comic book with my boyfriend Benny. We have the first issue coming out soon, so keep up with me on IG (@fetusicle) for the updates! Also check out hannahmabry.com!