Ode to a broken toe

Ode to a broken toe


I took a photo

And sent it to you

Of my right big toe

Coloured black and blue


But did you really want to see

The consequence of a concrete slab,

And my clumsy body?


I didn't see what was in the way

If only I knew

Is it normal that my nail's gone grey?

I wish I'd worn a sturdier shoe


I went running the next morning

Assumed it'd be fine

Ignoring the swelling

Which on reflection, was unwise


After over exerting

I forgot to rest and recuperate

Again my toe started hurting

Too little too late.


I heard you can break a toe

without knowing

The bruising soon goes

And then you look more carefully where you're going


No harm done

No need to seek help

You'll still walk, dance, run

But a twinge is sometimes felt.


I'm sorry right big toe, and my body too

For leaving my foot a mess

And I'm sorry to you

For being careless


So when your rushing

From one thing to another

It could be your heart or your toe that gets a squashing

Your feelings of pain you should never smother.


Take time, keep it elevated

Put on some ice

See what you created