The Female Gaze

The Female Gaze

TSKC interviews Valencia's own Victoria Ripalda Tamame. 

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Victoria Ripalda Tamame, I’m a Spanish artist graduated in Fine Arts with a master’s degree in Illustration and Design. I’ve worked as an art director and currently I’m a freelance illustrator, mixing traditional and digital techniques.

 When did you first start making art?

I’m not sure when I started making Art, that’s a big word. I’ve drawn a lot since I was little. My old textbooks are full of dumb sketches and I always was “the artist” of the class, drawing and making silly comics as gifts and making caricatures of the teachers. But I guess the first piece I was completely proud and can call Art is an oil painting from 4 years ago when I was studying Fine Arts. By the way, it’s in my parents’ house at the moment and I hate it nowadays like, “Please mom burn that, I can do better now”.

 What types of mediums did you start with and what do you work with now?

I started with pencil colors when I was little but I got bored quickly. I experiment with a mix of different techniques, I love pencil and watercolors, but since I got my first PC I’ve always had a fascination with digital painting because it seems very difficult to me. My Cintiq tablet is my biggest ally right now, and I spent  a lot of hours of watching speed paintings and making really ugly projects till I reached a digital style I’m comfortable with. Digital work allows me to reach a level of expression and colors I couldn’t in any other way. Also, I can save the phases of the piece step by step and I found that very interesting in the process of making art.

What is the process for each piece?

When I start a piece I almost always begin from an idea, a feeling or an attitude I wanna capture. Sometimes it’s something undefined, more like a pulse than a logic idea, but it’s there in my mind and I need to express and get it out. Little by little I start making  connections between this concept and different images, so it starts taking an expressive defined form which I can work on. Other times I just see a picture or a photo that inspires me so much I have to draw it.

 Where do you look for inspiration?

Tumblr, a lot of books, poetry, comics, music, Instagram… and of course other artists. I have a blog featuring my favourite work from them:


A lot of your work portrays the human body, what would you say is your favourite part to draw?

Definitely the shoulders, collarbones, and the hands. Sometimes I’m talking to someone and I cannot avoid mentally drawing their collarbones or their hands and get lost in the conversation.

 What do you find most difficult to capture about the human body?

The eyes. The process of drawing them is not difficult, but the challenge of capturing the essence or the feeling in the gaze. I’m a little obsessed with that.

Is there something you hope to contradict with your art?

If you’re asking for my ideals, I’m a proud feminist (I think everyone should be). Almost all my work portraya the feminine figure and I really hope my art inspires people to see woman as the independent, powerful creatures they are.

Where can we see more of your work?

You can see it on my web, and follow me on my Instagram @victoriaripalda or on my facebook fan page