Taurus, The Bull

(April 20th - May 20th)
Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Ruler of the Second House

Ruled by Venus

Refuge from that fiery Aries energy has finally arrived. Taurus season is here and sure to bring back the mellow.

Taurus is the second transit in the zodiac year, arriving as spring is in full bloom and the rejuvenation of life is well underway. Landscapes are lush with vibrant color and the seasonal blossoms are infusing the air with their sweet perfume. The natural world is buzzing with activity, stimulating the senses of humans and animals alike. Taureans are truly in their element here, as all of this decadent beauty exemplifies the Taurean ideal.

As the days grow longer, we begin to experience the illusion of time slowing. This shift in motion allows us to breathe a little deeper and move with patience and ease. With more time, we feel less pressure and allow ourselves to slow down to appreciate the finer details of life. We become more thoughtful and act with more intention. Taking cues from the flora and fauna, we also feel inspired to bask in the sun’s warmth and reconnect with nature.

This is a wonderful time to reflect and acknowledge the progress you are making toward your personal and professional goals. This transit is also perfect for sifting through the details and weeding out impractical, unsustainable options. As Aries encouraged us to be bold and try something new, Taurus has the responsibility of supplying the rationale required to build strong and solid foundations. Taurus energy is key when turning ideas into something that is both tangible and stable. The Taurus transit helps us think in more practical terms and helps us identify any flaws in our original plans.

Those with strong Taurus placements in their birth chart are right at home in the romantic energy of spring. Additionally, they tend to personify many qualities of their arrival season. The slowing of time aligns with their speed, the stunning beauty mirrors their own and the bounty of earthly gifts satiates their desire to indulge. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Taureans are highly sensual individuals with the ability to love deeply and create unbreakable bonds. This characteristic is well aligned with the season, as spring is when the mating rituals of many species take place.

Taureans are extremely confident, but carry their confidence in a different way than predecessor Aries. Taurus is a slow moving, highly selective creature. They know exactly who they are and what they want. They see no need to rush and risk bursting into flames when you can simply keep your eye on the prize and get where you’re going with grace and poise. In fact, Taureans don't particularly care for loud and volatile personalities, this energy seems childish and unpredictable to them.

Being fixed earth gives Taureans a double dose of determination that makes them unwavering in their beliefs. Taureans are often defined as stubborn, lazy and materialistic. However, they know these labels are shortsighted misinterpretations of their nature. They understand their worth and know how to obtain what is rightfully theirs. Taureans have great taste and for good reason. They take their time to assess the options because quality is extremely important to them. They only want the best for themselves and for those around them.

Taurus is the connoisseur of the zodiac, making the sign patient and capable of endless devotion. Taurus energy is vital for achieving steady growth and abundance. Although, Taurus isn't all work and no play. Taurus makes plenty of room for leisure with a particular focus on pleasure. With Taurus, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

To help get you aligned with the earthy energy we've just entered, we've handpicked some tracks to help you bloom. Tune into our Taurus Season Spotify playlist to relax with your nice silky robe on. We recommend listening to them with a glass of wine and a nice bubble bath.