Leo, The Lion

(July 23rd— August 22nd)

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Ruler of the Fifth House

Ruled by the Sun

Roll out the red carpet, the Queen has arrived! Leo season is here to captivate and inspire.

Leo is the fifth transit in the zodiac. True to form, the fiery lion makes a grand entrance as ruling planet, the Sun, is impossible to ignore. Long, sunny days accompanied by unparalleled temperatures are hallmark traits of Leo season. Sunflowers are in full bloom, sun tea is being served up by the glass and sunscreen and sunglasses are essential for this time of year. Everywhere we go, we’re surrounded by constant reminders of the star of the season.

Summertime is in full swing and we are all doing our best to keep up and keep cool. Leo brings the heat but isn’t one to leave us high and dry. This lion is generous and is here to give us a boost and show us how to work with what we’ve got. Leo is chief when it comes to pushing boundaries and defying odds. Leo is powerful and original. The season of the lion provides us with strong creative energy. And Leo is more than happy to share the wealth— just as long as we give credit where credit is due.

Like any good ruler, Leo wants us to walk with purpose and find what truly inspires us. Leo is calling for us to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. Ideally on a stage of some kind. Whether it’s on social media or at a social event, harness the lion's courage and put yourself out there. New and exciting things are waiting for you. And with Leo’s help, the sky is the limit.

Leo is fixed fire, making the lion capable of steady focus and enduring loyalty. Leo is a worthy opponent or ally in any arena. You won't find this lion cowering in the corner. Leo will keep fighting until each and every goal has been conquered. Those with strong Leo placements in their birth chart likely have a bold style and magnetic personality making them hard to miss in any crowd. Like Leo’s planetary ruler, Leo radiates warmth and energizes those around them— for some people, it seems as though Leo breathes life into their world.

Leo generally looks on bright side of any situation. Leo is effortlessly entertaining and makes friends wherever they go— just as long as others don't rain on their parade. Leo is here to create and celebrate. Leo unabashedly loves being the center of attention and depends on an audience to help them spark their best ideas. Of course, always being in the spotlight is bound to bring out a few haters. Leo often gets branded as being vain and self-absorbed. These labels are cheap ways of pointing out Leo’s greatest asset and purpose on planet earth. Leo’s role is to influence and motivate us to be more confident so we boldly try new methods and bring life to new creation. Let’s not forget which planet is at the center of our universe, after all. ;) Go on, strut your stuff!

To help get you aligned with the firey energy we've just entered, we've handpicked some tracks to help you awaken your inner lioness. Tune into our Leo Season Spotify Playlist and have some fun and steal the show while you’re at it. We recommend listening to these tunes on the dancefloor while you lead the conga line.