Gemini, The Twins

(May 21st— June 21st)

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Ruler of the Third House

Ruled by Mercury

Loosen up! No. Buckle up? I'm not sure which. Gemini season is here and this whirlwind of energy is sure to make your head spin.

Gemini is the third transit in the zodiac calendar, arriving during the final stretch of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The solar return of Gemini extends the easy-going nature of Taurus but brings along a childlike eagerness that seems to be down for anything. Within the duration of this transit, we will begin to feel a rise in temperatures as summer creeps in. Naturally we will find ourselves yearning to tie up loose ends to create space for new beginnings. The impulse to shed old skin is strong and we will find it easier to let go of what is no longer serving us. Feeling lighter and liberated, we are able to freely lean into the unknown.

Gemini season awakens our minds to new possibilities. During this transit, our curiosity is heightened and we become more inquisitive and open minded. We begin to feel inspired to try new methods for solving old problems and we might even delve into uncharted waters, bringing life to new ways of thinking. This transit lends itself well to opening new doors and creating new connections. The Gemini transit might give you the sudden urge to reach out to others for feedback or to collaborate on a new project. You might feel inspired to immerse yourself in new social groups to expand your inner circle. Gemini is excellent at networking and making intellectual bonds with others.

Gemini is mutable air, making the sign readily open to receiving and accepting new information. Gemini has the incessant need to gather new data and explore new territory. Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of learning and communication, only strengthens this desire. Gemini is known for having hands in many projects simultaneously.  This quality is due to their instinctive impulse to try anything and everything. Gemini is unbiased when it comes to learning. To Gemini, any tidbit of information is useful.

Gemini’s are here to have a good time. They are the social butterflies of the zodiac. Those with strong Gemini placements in their birth chart will most likely have a bold, extroverted personality. Gemini’s tend to have a knack for knowing how to communicate with all types of people. They easily adapt to those around them and understand how to “get on your level” no matter where someone sits within the spectrum of human personalities. Their quick, mercurial nature makes them extremely witty and alert. If a Gemini isn’t super talkative, they are most likely channeling that chatty energy inward and probably experiencing a wild yet impressive inner dialogue.

Gemini’s like to keep things light and airy. They tend to be surface level in conversation and often resist digging deep and getting into the nitty gritty details of things. The symbol assigned to Gemini is The Twins. This icon perfectly illustrates the constant duality within the Gemini personality. Gemini’s have the reputation of being two-faced but the root cause of this behavior is their ability to hold two separate beliefs, wholeheartedly, at one time. Almost as if they are equipped with two separate minds. Gemini’s are here to learn and play—ideally at the same time. Their energy is key for the expansion of knowledge. They are masterful at obtaining information and they are here to spread the word.

To help get you aligned with the airy energy we've just entered, we've handpicked some tracks to help you soar to new heights. Tune into our Gemini Season Spotify Playlist to get the party started. We recommend listening to these tunes with your crew as you plan your next fun adventure.