Cancer, The Crab

(June 21st— July 22nd)

Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruler of the Fourth House

Ruled by The Moon

Cue the waterworks! Cancer season is here, and it's bringing all the feels. But don't worry, if you keep your head above water and ride the waves, everything will be just fine.

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac calendar. The solar return of Cancer aligns with the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This transit marks the beginning of a new chapter and brings us a fresh yet familiar perspective.

As the temperature climbs, we reach for icy drinks and boundless nourishment to keep us moving. The imminent heatwave makes shelter essential for us to keep cool and recharge. Cancer season certainly brings the heat but also supplies plenty of water via tears and pool parties. As the sun's fiery rays beat down on earth, we become vulnerable and a bit disheveled. After hours of soaking up the sunshine, we are often suspended in a dreamy haze. Time seems to slow down, troubles melt away, and the lively warm nights make our bodies buzz with excitement. Summertime often brings together friends and family to celebrate in age-old traditions with hopes of creating new memories. These activities are right at home in the sweet and sentimental energy of Cancer.

Cancer has a knack for finding our soft spots. Old feelings often bubble to the surface, and old wounds might try to reopen during this time. It's important not to push these feelings away, but instead, invite them in and try to understand why they're here. Cancer makes us look at the painful parts of ourselves with hopes that we will learn from past mistakes. As a reaction to these feelings, reclusive impulses might pop up. Take this time to listen to your heart and let your intuition guide you. Cancer is nurturing and empathic in nature with a steady aim toward attaining peace and understanding. Embrace this energy. Cancer is here to help us open our hearts to give and receive love more freely.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, making the sign highly susceptible to the ceaseless movement of the tides. This can take a toll on Cancer's energy reserve as they're constantly navigating floods of feelings and endlessly readjusting to new energies as they move through life. Cancers are the deep-divers of the zodiac. This allows them to reach emotional depths that most of the other signs would much rather avoid. Those with strong Cancer placements in their birth chart are often labeled as "too sensitive." This snap judgement discounts the value of vulnerability. As humans, we are capable of a wide range of emotions that many push away when things start to feel uncomfortable. Cancer has no choice but to see these feelings through.

Cancers are highly intuitive creatures and have the ability to read and absorb the energy in the room. This gift can act as a double edge sword if healthy boundaries are not put into place. Additionally, Cancer is a Cardinal sign— Cardinal signs are initiators, fueled by the power of manifestation. They are here to shake things up and show us untapped potential. As Cardinal Water, Cancer is here to awaken us to the raw creative power that already lies within us. This is a gift that will infinitely keep giving. The key here is learning to lean into your uneasiness— it will set you freeeee.

To help get you aligned with the watery energy we've just entered, we've handpicked some tracks to help you keep your head above water. Tune into our Cancer Season Spotify Playlist and tap into your inner cry baby crab. We recommend listening to these tunes as you ride out the waves of emotions.